"This school has far exceeded my wildest dreams. Every single teacher and staff member is truly kind and happy to teach our children. They know everyone by name. At first we had expected to transition our children to public school when they reached Kindergarten, but after 2 years in the preschool program, I know that we will never leave. When my husband and I sat down and wrote out our financial priorities, Park Row Christian Academy was 3rd on the list right behind basic food and health care, and even above our house. We would honestly sell our house before we would pull our kids out of this school. I can't speak highly enough of Park Row.”"

"Park Row Christian Academy is a WONDERFUL school. Our daughter has been a student there since Pre-K. She is in first grade and she has been blessed with wonderful and loving teachers every year! The tuition is reasonable and the reward of an excellent education is priceless! She wakes up everyday excited about school and nothing has made her parents more proud than her love of school and the Christian experience that she has received there! She melts my heart when she sings her "Bible songs", as she calls them in the shower, and our pride shows through and through when she says her memory verses. PRCA thank you so much for what you do for our children!"

"I love PRCA it is the single best investment we have made for our children. So many eternal moments have happened there. The teachers have shaped my children’s heart in amazing ways. The academics have met the needs and challenged the minds of my three completely differently abled children. I cannot say enough!"

"Why do we love Park Row Christian Academy? Let me count the ways...
  1. Fabulous staff and teachers who go above and beyond
  2. The way the Bible and Biblical principles are a part of the whole curriculum
  3. Small teacher to student ratio
  4. Even though they are a small school, they provide music classes, physical education, computer classes, a library, Spanish, and so many other things beyond the regular classroom opportunities
  5. Knowing that my child's teachers really care about her and all parts of her education"

"My daughter, currently a second grader, has been going to Park Row since Kindergarten. We are blessed to have found a school that has so much to offer, not only in education, but the love and compassion that the teachers and staff have for the children is amazing. We LOVE Park Row Christian Academy and would recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful Christian education for their children."

"Park Row Christian Academy is a great school. The teachers love their students for who they are, pray for their students, and truly reflect the light of Christ when they teach. Who knew that was even possible in a school?"

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915 West Park Row Drive
Arlington, Texas 76013
T: 817.277.1021

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